Musik Interview auf Englisch: Sängerin Jasmine Thompson über ihr neues Album

Jasmine Thompson ist erst 16 Jahre alt. Trotzdem ist sie mit ihrer Musik sehr erfolgreich und hat schon mit Künstlern wie Robin Schulz und Felix Jaehn zusammengearbeitet. Foto: Nicole Nodland

„Sun Goes Down“ by Robin Schulz was a worldwide success. Jasmine Thompson is the voice of the song. As it was released, she was fourteen years old. Now with sixteen she published her first album and she's very proud of it. We talked to her about „Wonderland“. Seven songs, seven questions.

„Wonderland“: Your EP „Wonderland“ is about growing up in London. Why is London your wonderland?

Jasmine Thompson: London is where I grew up. Me and my friends spent so much time walking around the streets. At night it's so beautiful with all the city lights. London is a place of wonder: There is so much to discover. We have no clue what life is gonna be in five years. Somehow we are feeling lost, because life in London is so big. We are trying to deal with it. We have good people around ourselves, so it feels okay to be lost.

„Old Friends“: Who's your oldest friend and do you still see her or him?

I met my closest friend because we joined a school at the same time. That was almost six years ago. We became friends straight away and we have been friends ever since. I still talk to her every day and try to see her as much as possible.

„Someone's Somebody“: What's the best way to survive seeing your ex with someone new?

That is always hard. Just try to remember all the good times that you had and try to not hate the new person. It is difficult because it can hurt quite a lot seeing your ex-partner moving on and doing the same things you did with someone new. If you are still close or still friends after ending then you are very lucky. That is a good state to be. Try to respect each other.

„Wanna Know Love“: What is love for you?

Love is feeling safe with someone. That you can be yourself with someone and you trust each other. Love means that you guys can create a safe space between each other. Love is feeling happy. Getting emotionally connected and spend as much time as you want together.

„Fix Me“: Your parents got divorced as you were a child. In the song you sing about the difficult relationship to your father at that time. How did you overcome this situation?

For me it was more about the way it was explained to me as a cild and why I think it was a good thing to happen. It helped my dad actually: He had a drinking problem and when my parents got divorced he got sober. He stopped drinking. He hadn't drunk for seven years now. It really helped him getting his life together. It made me have a proper dad. He doesn't live with us but I still see him every sunday and we talk long and often. He's much more supportive than he used to be. We are in a good situation.

„Drama“: Why is there more drama in relationships between young people than in relationships older people?

I think older people have pretty much stuff to do like work and children. All that teeanagers do is going to school and seeing their friends. We wanna create drama because getting through it can show that you're closer. Some people want to taste damaging. They chase after it.

„Words“: In which situations is it better not to use words but keep quiet?

The song is about two persons with feelings for each other but none of them is saying anything. Sometimes it's like that you don't want something to happen and you kind of ignore it. So you stay quiet.


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